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In a world of relentless information overload, how do you sort through it and make sense of it all? Author Mardi Long believes it is much easier if you have a solid personal belief system. It Is Always NOW! takes a positive and mindful approach to this pursuit. Based on her own journey, Mardi suggests six simple steps that she has discovered over the course of her search for God.

This book presents a refreshing approach to seeking God, designed to inspire and encourage as you realize your own journey. Starting with the need to “Open the Door” and followed by ways to seek and find, new pathways are discovered.


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Pathways become the foundation for how you interact with the world around you and can lead to something beyond self.

It is not Mardi’s intent to tell others how to accomplish this lofty goal. Rather, she hopes you will find fresh insights that will, in turn, pique curiosity. Curiosity is what prompts us to keep seeking and finding truth, and answers only come when we make a conscious attempt to discover them.

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We know we must pray and study. But then we often run out of the door and allow our busy lives to take over. We also need to wait. (See Psalm 27:14). We need to take time to let all of the information and ideas that are swirling around come together in a meaningful way. 


This is the purpose of meditation. And it is not easy to carve out the time needed to achieve this. We have to take control and make it happen. This book suggests an approach to help you do just that. As a result, you can slowly awaken curiosity that leads to a life filled with ever increasing joy and peace.

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Perhaps you have read It Is Always NOW! and you found it to be a bit cryptic. You may feel you could use a little more substance. Enter the Study Guide. This book follows the same topics as It IS Always NOW! and fills in more of the blanks

Some have said they would like to have more Bible verses. It is my intent that each reader would search the Bible for themselves and discuss what they find with others. In my experience, nothing sinks deeper into the mind and heart than your own personal discoveries. is easy to use and has many, many versions available. For each passage you find, look at it in several different versions. Personally, I like The New International Version and The Voice. Remember – this is your journey. No one has all of the answers. Never lose that spark of curiosity!

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Mardi was born in Portland, Oregon and spent much of her childhood on the north Oregon coast in her father’s family home.  There she was a free spirit and learned to question everything and think things through for herself. Her father was a teacher and she grew up with a love of books and an appreciation for the value of words.  

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