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Mardi was born in Portland, Oregon and spent much of her childhood on the north Oregon coast in her father’s family home.  There she was a free spirit and learned to question everything and think things through for herself. Her father was a teacher and she grew up with a love of books and an appreciation for the value of words.  


Her career in the healthcare industry provided her the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the United States. She has also had the privilege of visiting a number of other countries. One day she found a box of New Age inspirational cards in an airport bookstore. Being very visual, Mardi was drawn to the colorful images on each one. That night in her hotel room, she looked at them. Six quickly jumped out at her. Over time as she continued her own study and awareness, these six concepts became the foundation for It Is Always NOW!

She is now off road and lives in Houston, Texas with her husband, Ray. (Yes, they met online). They share passions for travel, gourmet cooking, the arts, family, community, their church and more.  Mardi has found that it is important to engage in a variety of pursuits and experiences that help us better understand the diversity of the world around us. It is this diversity that makes our lives so very rich and rewarding!


Using her Golden Partners brand, Mardi is now writing books that she hopes will inspire, encourage, and awaken curiosity. Based on her own personal experience searching for God, she strives to keep it simple and positive. Knowing that in the end, each individual must realize their own journey.

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