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An exclusive interview with Mardi Long and Dr. Ward Bond to discuss about the book "It is Always Now" 


Ward W. Bond, PhD is host of the dynamic half-hour radio program “Life Changing Wellness” airs exclusively on RadioMD. Dr. Bond brings over 30 years experience of holistic health with 17 years of television and radio experience to the listening public. His unique interview style are tops in the media industry. He speaks with the top experts in the field of health, wellness, medicine as well as sharing the inspiring stories of those who have turned adversity into victory. He adds celebrity guests from television, film, music as well as many of today’s television chefs we know and love. His easygoing style puts his guests at ease, which has made him one of the most sought after hosts in America today.

He understands that being more peaceful and happy and mindful contributes to better health. 


Dr. Bond: Ladies and gentlemen, I have read Mardi’s book: It Is Always NOW! I would highly recommend that if you want to read something so inspiring, motivating, encouraging, enlightening, this is the type of book you would need to be reading. And I really like the scripture references in the book as well, Mardi.  I was blessed by reading your book.

Mardi: Thank you.

Dr. Bond: I am actually going to go through it again and take notes because I usually like to go through a book and do a lot of highlighting. I am definitely going to do that again.

How can all of my viewers and listeners contact you and purchase a copy of your book, It Is Always NOW!?

Mardi: Go to my website: There you can learn more about me, and I do have a Study Guide out that goes along with the book for those who want to dig deeper. I am also writing another book that I am starting to tell about on my site. In the upper right-hand corner there is a gold triangle – just click that if you want to purchase my books. And, of course, there is the contact page if you want to reach out to me.

Dr. Bond:… I encourage you to purchase her book – It Is Always NOW! – For those of you who are searching for joy. You are trying to pull yourself out of the rut…. It will bless you. I can guarantee that.

Grab your copy now!

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